Use Symbols TO REACH OUT AND CONNECT. #whenwordsfail

My sisters and I have a symbol that has become like our "bat call", if you will, for when we need support. We simply send this out in a group message and someone will call the other immediately. It started as a joke but has actually become very therapeutic for all of us and a way to support each other.

Another way I have seen symbols used to connect is by coming up with a family color. When you are having a rough time or going through a stressful period, you can where your "power color" and ask your family to do the same to support you.

Lastly, my partner knows I love baby elephants. When he knows I have something particularly stressful going on, he will send me pictures of baby elephants because he knows they make me smile and it immediately helps me be in the moment and stay grounded.

Whether it be a symbol, color, or picture of your favorite baby animal, you can use symbols where words fail to show love, support, and care for yourself and those you love most.

Try it and share your story!





Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Written by Elisa Salazar, LMSW

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