This isn't what i signed up for.

COVID has so drastically changed our society and environment. Routines and relationships are no longer the same. One thing that I have been saying lately is, “this isn’t what I signed up for.”

In my own life and with many conversations I have had, there has been a clear theme: the struggle with the 180-degree shift in the areas of work, school, and family. Change is not the whole issue, as I think many are open to opportunities to grow. Typically, when you accept a job, you hope and assume you will be doing the work you signed up for. The same goes with relationships; you get to know the person, and although you know they will evolve and grow, you hope that they will stay true to the person you know them to be. Currently, our environment has created a drastic and unrecognizable shift. COVID has shaped our work, school, family and life in a way we could not have envisioned.

This unique situation challenges our decision-making skills. How do I cope with something I never even imagined was possible? How do I know whether to keep pushing forward and adapt or try something different? I surprise myself with what I am capable of coping with on a daily basis and at the same time, I still struggle. When I tell myself, “this isn’t what I signed up for,” it validates my frustration and struggle, while motivating me to figure out how to re-evaluate the choices I have in front of me to create a new vision for my future. A vision that takes into account my current environment, rather than the one that was reflective of old realities and truths. This is both difficult and freeing. It is giving permission to one’s self to test out a new and truer way of being, a way that feels more conducive to progression and growth. This may entail pursuing new career aspirations, ending unhealthy relationships, speaking your truth more openly, and setting healthy boundaries.

Taking time to bring awareness to those areas of loss and confusion is therapeutic in and of itself. Self-validation and self-kindness are generative to growth and development. Pausing to reflect brings about more intentionality and clarity that can act as fuel to motivate healthy ways of being with ourselves and others.

We didn’t sign up for this, yet here we are doing it. May that truth encourage you to validate your strengths and abilities.

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