Protect your peace

Written by Elisa Salazar, LMSW

For a few months, I was feeling like things kept happening around me that were very disruptive to my mood and contentment. I would learn of an injustice and immediately be sent into a spiral of anger, hurt and frustration. I would get myself back together only to have something else happen and have to start from square one. It was emotionally exhausting. I like to think of myself as a fighter and protector for those I love. However, I began to ask myself, do I always need to wear my emotional boxing gloves? As an alternative, could I bring them out strategically only when necessary? I started thinking about how to cultivate internal peace so that external things—although bothersome—are not triggering an emotional spiral.

For me, protecting my peace involves staying grounded on the things that really matter. I use my children and partner as a lens by which I decide how to react and where to set my priorities. Grounding myself in this way helps me to be intentional with where I exert my energy and helps conserve my energy for the things that are most important to me. In that way, it becomes a method for me to live out my values.

Consider, what is your go-to mode when triggered? Some people hide or run; some are fighters like me. Then consider methods for keeping yourself grounded. Doing this will set you up to live out your values, priorities, and help you #ProtectYourPeace.

How to Protect Your Peace

Special thanks to Chelsea Best for editing.

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