Lead with gratitude

I recently went through a situation with my son where I had to think of a creative consequence. Part of his consequence was to write a letter to apologize, but also to say a few things he was thankful for in order to show gratitude and have him reframe the situation. It inspired me to take a look at the things that are upsetting me in my life and try to lead with gratitude. I pulled out my journal, wrote a person’s name, and began to think of things that I appreciate about them. I immediately noticed my attitude and feeling about the person change. I began to let go of the hard feelings and instead cultivated a more holistic perspective about the situation, which ultimately eased my soul.

Try it! Write down a person, place or thing that is troubling you, then write up all that you are thankful for past, present, or future related to the situation. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. We can get caught up in walking around wounded about people, places, or things that are hurting us. Taking a moment to let gratitude lead is like giving yourself the gift of peace.

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