What makes Thanksgiving stressful? For me, the stress lies in the planning. There are many schedules to manage and coordinate. It is amazing how a holiday or celebration—specifically one that is intended to have us pause and reflect with gratitude—can often leave us with many negative, pent-up emotions. This Thanksgiving season, I am challenging myself to think of ways to keep my emotional tank full. This could be done by showing gratitude to those who fill me up, taking time to rest, and/or talking to my therapist to help manage any triggers that may come up.

Keeping your #tankfull is a way to show gratitude to yourself during what can be emotional and overwhelming time. For those who do not feel stressed, it may be helpful to remind yourself to thank the people in your life who fill your tank throughout the year.

Wishing you a thankful and #tankfull Thanksgiving!

written by Elisa Salazar, LMSW

Remember: “The world won’t fall if you’re not holding it up. Just take a minute put your mind on ice…It’s not weak if you need to be held…my love, take care of yourself.” – lyrics from Take Care of Yourself by Maisie Peters.
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