#BeInAweOfYou You can be your own source of inspiration.

Lately, I have been working to see myself in an expansive way, rather than a reductionist way. This means I have to be able to see myself outside of my role as a mother, worker, partner, sister, daughter, and friend. People may try to define me by these terms, but I realize that I get to determine my message and my brand. I have to cultivate my vision for myself and set goals that are generative for my life and my values. I think one way to do this is to search deep within myself and listen to my gut, heart, truth and wisdom, and let it guide me. This way, I cultivate my own internal strength.

Consider writing down all the things you do and all the roles you fill. Then above that list, write down who you are at your core, your character, your values, and your passions. Meditate on those and inspire yourself. Be in awe of you and how unique you are. Begin thinking creatively about how the roles you fill and things you do are opportunities to be in alignment with yourself and ways in which you can live your truth.

In doing this exercise, I saw things from a higher-minded perspective. I began feeling more joy, creativity, and inspiration throughout the day.

May this exercise bring you in alignment with yourself and fill you with joy and peace!

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Written by Elisa Salazar, LMSW

Edited by Chelsea Best


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